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Drop the clothes, start jumping!

| November 29th, 2006

Came across THIS one today, report scores in comments…

RiP(?) distcc, ELO IceCream!

| November 29th, 2006

First english post on rantville, we’ll see what happens in the future, the first impression on Icecream(what a name btw) deserved a broader crowd than the few native heads that skim through this blog. =P

That being said, Im talking about two alternatives for distributed compileing Ive been trying out, the good “ol” distcc and Icecream (based on distcc, a opensuse project).
Been running distcc in many a odd combination, and aslong as I kept gcc versions synced on nodes all was pleasantville.. Since I have a few gentoo boxes on the lan that wasnt a problem, but add various other *nix distros that I wanted to lend some cpu time from and it became a tad too much to maintain..
The end result was a crippled cluster with only 1/3 of the cpu power used.

This is for the record my home segment we are talking about, there are 3 boxes that are in production state, the rest are a few work stations, and a load of oldish boxes thats up on demand(UoD)..
Anyways, at the peak of my distcc era even my old c600 laptop had a nice time updating world (gentoo)… ahh happy days(?!)

–> fwd 450d12h32m..ish –>

In comes Icecream.. the name alone made me curious, that it was based on distcc & maintained by the opensuse made me decide to try it out. (Im not gonna go into the recent association between novell & ms, enough has been said, lets keep an eye on it & see how it evolves eh?)

The introduction alone made my heart skip a few beats, scheduler and gcc irrelevant.. Running identical Icecream versions seems to be a must tho, but thats the least of our worries. 😉
I tossed it into 3 gentoo boxes and a kubuntu box, with these archs; amd duron & athlon, celeronM & Pent D940. Nice mix of archs, and the result? Very little work & all systems GO!
I could hardly believe my own eyes when I first loaded up icemon, it connected to the scheduler & voila in a few secs the nodes ticked up on the screen working “hard” as you can see from this picture;
Icecream 4 nodes

This is just one of the views you can choose, for this small test cluster it was fitting tho.
As you can see on the top, the D940 with its dualcore doing a fine job, followed by celeronM(laptop), the amd duron & the athlon..
To stir it up further I ran various jobs on the nodes to see how well the scheduler responded.
The scheduler added jobs to the fastest available node in the cluster as it should, never did any of the nodes “suffer” in the compile rounds..

So.. to sum up the first days of Icecream splendour.. it looked good, tasted even better & boy do the other boxes wants some! =P

I’ll return with more info as the odd archs get tossed into the mix, for now, I give two thumbs up.

Der vettu…!

| November 21st, 2006

Wii er klare for takeoff!

Anders Eklo sendte inn dette bildet idag, Wii er klare for lansering!

“ny” bil!!

| November 7th, 2006

Da ble det tilslutt en nyere bil på oss, -91 Saab 900i 16v med koselige 130 gamp under panseret, noe småplukk selvsagt, men ikke mer enn lommeboka kan tåle.


Godt å møte vinteren med en bil som henger sammen uten ståltråd og gaffa tape.(Ikke noe galt med MacGyver metoden, men blir litt slitsomt i lengden hihi)