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Dont you just love it when all goes as planned when updating? This time around it was from 2.0.4 to 2.1.2. All modifications & plugins++ seem to be behaving like they did prior to the upgrade.

In other news, main server has made its move from VMware to OpenVZ, we’ll see in a few months time(perhaps even shorter) if OpenVZ will be kept or if Im gonna bring in the “big guns” and migrate the box further to Xen. For now I have the free download of HyperVM monitoring the box. (2 vps in free license)

Still debating if I want a panel or if Im going “barebone” on this server. There is no real need for it, but the ease of maintainence in particular to the other users might be worth the 10$ for a 5 VPS license per month. To be able to control all my servers via one panel is another thing that speaks loudly for keeping HyperVM.
They are working on implementing Solaris Containers & MS Virtual Server, the latter is of no interrest to me, but having one panel controlling my solaris, xen & openvz installs do have a nice ring to it. Any thoughts on the matter? =)

The rest of the VPS’s I have on it Im manually trigging for now;

www1 – gentoo (lighty, php5 & all www services)
smtp1 – gentoo (exim, SA, clamd, fuzzyocr)
dns1 – ubuntu (bind9)
im1 – ubuntu (jabberd2, unrealircd)

im & dns are set into production so far, will spend time during easter to sync up & set the rest in production.
The file-servers Im hoping to merge over time, phase out the older drives in them and get some 500G+ drives in.

For shit & giggles I have setup weather icons so you foreigners can keep track of the situation where I live at the time of the posting. Using a modified cricket-moods plugin for that task.

Kiss the Dino Day

| March 26th, 2007 recently wrote a story about the “murder” snails. With the warmer winters, the D-day for the invasion of our gardens where just around the corner.. the horror! :yawn

As I had a chuckle over the title of the story, I spotted another dino sticking his head out of the wood.. Rupert Murdochs company and NBC Universal had picked up the speed on their alternative to youtube and a launch set for this summer.

So here we have a “murder” snail thats not wanted, and a greedy man that wants more..

They both looked sad to me, so I decided to make the 30th of march; Kiss the Dino Day(KDD).

The first contribution to this celebration follows;

Now, bring out the mockups & make this a proper celebration!


| March 23rd, 2007

Read about this project last year, but mananged to miss the release of the 1.0 version(15th this month). Saw the demonstration video posted on via Hr. Dalands blog.
It holds the cream of the crop of open source applications, and its a fork of the amazing Pluto project.
Read more about it on its web page.

This my friends will be huge, they are allready struggling to meet the demands on their download, having over 10K downloads of a 600M cd will have impact on most websites & its link.
So till they have fixed this(should be this saturday), have a look at their demonstration video posted on google;

All hail open-source projects!

Live Chat (java irc client)

| March 21st, 2007

Now available in the pages menu, feel free to drop by & kick my arse or hang out & rant.

The ircd has now been migrated from IRCD-Hybrid to UnrealIRCd & its running in a newly created CentOS VPS. It has a Gentoo base system with VMware, the VPS will be migrated to Xen when the new box is up. CentOS has been slim-lined down to 740M so far, will continue stripping it down & see how small it can get. In addition to Unreal, Anope Irc Service is also setup.

The java client is Pjirc, and has many features that I have choose to leave out due to simplicity..


After spending some time stripping CentOS last night I ended up with ~470M, and overall ram usage down to ~60M. Not good enough, so setup a minimal ubuntu server install today, only services running are sshd, crond, ircd & sendmail. Hdd usage dropped down to 280M & ram usage to 35M, not bad, but not that good either, especially seeing whats currently running on the system.
So I’ll take DSL & LFS for a spin tonight & see what kinda footprint they can offer with the services above.
Will update the post with results.

CentOS 4.4 470M 60M
Ubuntu 6.06 280M 35M
DSL 160M 30M

After a few rounds with the above distros and lfs, gentoo & fbsd. I decided to call it quits. With the three criterias;

– small footprint
– little to no customization
– easy to maintain was more a confirmation than a suprise that a debian based(ubuntu) distro got picked.
Average footprint on hdd & ram + a massive user base = done deal

So this niche VPS setup ended up well within my set limits; 500M HDD, 64-128M RAM, now how much will it increase if say 50 users are connected?

Id appreciate if as many as possible connect either via the web chat or directly using your pref irc client, so I can stress-test it as much as possible under the different scenarios. Thx

Da står siste webserver for tur, overgangen fra Apache2 til Lighttpd(lighty) er gjort, noe småjobb med enkelte av tjenestene vil skje ila de neste timene. Denne posten vil bli oppdatert når jobben er ferdig, frem til det skjer smør deg med litt tålmod.

Da er 90% på plass, mailman trenger noe småplukk, men ikke en vital tjeneste så det blir senere.
Rapporter evnt bugs.

The last web-server is now due for migrating to lighttpd, main setup is done, vhosts and any quirks on the systems run therein will be sorted during the next hour(s).
During this process certain pages/services will be unavailable, this to be expected, no need to report bugs before this post is updated that the move is “done”

Just a few tweaks left, non vital services. Report any oddities