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Ahhh.. the life of a musician, king-size bed & easy access to beer & food.
(picture taken after the groupies left his bed)

For those unfamiliar with Mr Castello & Moving Oos, head over to their MySpace page.

In an article in a norwegian magazine(Where2Go), Kadra, a young muslim woman stated that it was long over due that we needed to look at the interpretation of the koran on how muslim men look at the modern muslim woman.


Kadra got known 7 years ago when she went “undercover” wearing a mic trying to get the true feelings of the muslim community in Oslo on circumcision. She got many of the “elders” on tape stating them being pros circumcision, she had to go underground for many years after massive threats. This was all shown in the documentary “Rikets Tilstand” (State of the Kingdom) back in 2000.

Muslim men look on women dont come as a suprise, but I must admit I choked on the coffee I was sipping when I read some of the comments one of norways biggest newspapers( got from the article.

Press spokesman Gulam Sarwar in Central Jamaat-e Ahl-E Sunnat in Oslo said;

“Kadra has no saying in anything we do”

he went on saying;

“We cant change the Koran or Islam due to her, we oppose her statements, she has no rights to violate our religion”

then came the statement that made a coffee fountain in my office;

“She can say whatever she wants, Im sure she is good looking and has a nice body, but we cant change the Koran due to what a woman says”
“The Koran is what comes from heaven, thats all there is to it”

Central Jamaat is one of the central congregations in the Islamic Council in Norway.

There is always the talk about respecting others opinions & beliefs, but asking me to respect someone who boils down a womans part in the world to a “barbie doll” position is just too much.

Kadra, you got my vote, for whatever its worth. I truly hope the muslim men will leave the bronze age & start getting with the times. I dont have high hopes that it will happen in my life time tho, they seem to like living with the blinkers on.

Albert the Turkish hacker?

| April 2nd, 2007

Got a heads up from my boss on this one, seems a turkish(?) hacker by the non-turkish name/nick ‘Albert’ has taken it upon himself to bring a .no video rental web site down.

Here’s a screen shot in case they have fixed up this break-in before you reach its page..


As you can see on the heading they origin from this page..

Who wanna bet what hole he/they used? Im putting my NOK’s on an outdated php-nuke install…


The Turks are at it again, my turkish is poor to put it mildly, so cant say what their “mission statement” is. A Transexp round didnt clear it up much either;


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Xbox360+Wii bundle

| April 1st, 2007

MS representatives talked about it, many did the math on it, and now its soon to be out in a web shop near you. offers a bundle thats not currently in stock, but holds a X360 (w/ call of duty) & Wii with the freebie wii sports.
Its sold at the same price as the PS3(not in stock at the time of this posting)
Not a good deal on this bundle tho, you get it cheaper buying them seperately at Elkjøp fi.

There is 1 reason for me to eventually consider a PS3, the Gran Turismo serie. For now tho, all my gaming needs are filled with my current consoles. The Xbox is by far the most used, not due to gaming, but for the XBMC open-source project. Untill we have a good & reliable solution for homebrew on either of the nextgen consoles, I have no rush to get one.

If I should get a new console now tho, it would be a Wii, closely followed by a X360, the PS3 wont be taken into consideration till Polyphony Digital decide to release Gran Turismo HD, knowing their previous delays on that matter.. well, I guess 2008 will be a good year for us GT fans.

So whats your excuse for getting a PS3? Apart from the rare exclusive titles, why not get a X360+Wii bundle?