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Im an emotional man when it comes to music, I easily shed a tear when something moves me. Then there are those moments when you least expect to be moved, this clip made me cry like a baby. A little rough in the edges, but what can you expect from a cell-phone sales man. I throw all the good karma I have in store towards him, may his musical career be long and beautiful!

And he made it to the semi finals!!

And he won!!!

A little more info about the man

Thanx to Johnnie Fingers for the initial link, you my man made my day!


… what can I tell ya, cats loving prog metal, gotta love it!

Welcome to Norway!? FNC!

| June 10th, 2007


So you wanna come and see our beautiful fjords? The fantastic nature & hey, might be you are a dare devil & feel like trying out some of the local cuisine?

If you answer yes to atleast one of the above, best start saving up those hard earned €, $, £ or whatever currency your paycheck states.
See, the politicians seem to think the only course of action to get to the bottom of a “problem” is to tax the hell outta it. Be it food, gasoline, wine, booze, cigarettes, heck even driving on new roads is charged on a per-trip basis.

So basically we not only make it expensive to live here, but if you should want to endulge yourself in a little “luxury” while you visit, have a cooler ready so your credit card wont catch fire. The thing is, if certain political parties had their way with us, we would all be non-drinking, non-smoking religious fanatics that love to commute. Attending church atleast ones a week would also be a given..
God forbid we would want to have any pleasures in life.

Back to the morons(read politicians), the latest proposition from the chief nutters in KRF & Venstre is the get a hard grip on people that smoke. Suggesting to increase the price of a pack of cigarettes to 14€, and if you are one of the old-school smokers that roll your poison, you might look at a price tag of 33€ for 50gram of tobacco.
Not bad, considering how “cheap” it is today.. :yawn

Boy does this open a can of worms, the black marked would get its glory days. Send a sms to +47XXXXXXXX and order your cigs & booze, it will be delivered to your door..

For you as a potential tourist, dont stay here. Stay at one of our friendly neighbours and if you really need to see some fjords, take a trip over the border, be sure to fill up the tank & bring enough food & liquids..

Democracy? Mehh.. dont be fooled for a second, its Democrazy at best.
We should just merge with Russia & let Putin decide whats best for us. Atleast he doesnt try to fool his fellow men & women into thinking they have a saying in whats going on..

Why let us choose our poison when taxing us to death makes it alot slower & more painful.

Forget about Norway, do yourself a huge favor, visit Denmark or Sweden instead. I’ll personally send you a postcard of the fjords if you decide to skip Norway on your next vacation.

Do state your initial vacation budget tho, so we can get a hint of the “damage” caused by this campaign. Lets call it FNC(Fawk Norway Campaign).