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Saw this presentation last night on the Tour de France broadcast, but sadly wasnt home to hit the record button.
Calle Fegth called this morning & said it should air today aswell, since todays stage is indeed through the Cognac region.
I havent paid much attention to le Tour, so lucky for me(and you!) he called.

Cognac made the right way, if you havent tried any of their products yet, its due time you do!
It should also be noted that the Cognac you might have tasted from Jon Bertelsen is a cooperation with L. Gourmel.

And the links to the respective gents;
Leopold Gourmel
Jon Bertelsen
Restaurant Credo

As mentioned earlier, my recorder never rests, and this time around a German/Austrian band caught my attention, first due to their name, then I saw their performance and was flabbergasted to say the least.

It sure needs some balls to call themselves; My Baby Wants To Eat Your Pussy, but this band served the name right.
The long string of musical references I got while watching their live perfomance couldnt be summed up in a sentence, but let me toss some at ya for good measure; Zappa, Mr. Bungle, Bowie, heck, I could even say Sex Pistols and get away with it.

On the show I recorded they performed 3 songs, according to Jonathan from their managment they were about to upload the entire concert the coming days. Cant wait!

Till that happens, enjoy the songs I got…


So Deep;

Dogs Run Riot;

And as steve pointed out in comment, their trailer should not be missed…

For more info on the band, check out their homepage, their myspace, some of the stuff they have made available on youtube or their profile on

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, might be we get to see them perform at a stage near us soon!