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Colin McRae RIP

| September 15th, 2007


Another tragic death in the world of motorsport. This time around it didnt happen on a track or special stage. Just outside McRae’s farm in Lanarkshire a Squrrel helicopter crashed, this heli is owned by McRae.

The crash and the following fire has turned it into a impossible task for the local police to identify who & how many that where on the heli upon the crash. Its lead to believe that McRae and his 5 year old son Johnny were the ones on board. There is an air investigation team on its way that will hopefully be able to establish how many bodies that were in the heli.

Even tho this aint official, Im sure Colin would be reachable when the family was contacted by the police. Since its now 7hours since the crash, the hope of Colin & son to be alive is very slim.

A sad, sad day for us that have a passion for motorsport, even more tragic to know his young boy has passed away.

My thoughts & deepest condolences goes out to the family.

Bowie, 4 month kitten hunting

| September 11th, 2007

Yeah, it’s huge enough for my taste! The proud hunter was not easy to distract.

RIP Joe Zawinul

| September 11th, 2007

A sad day, very sad.. I was watching a concert with Weather Report from Montreux -76 only a few weeks ago, and his music has had alot of playtime in my home over the years.


Whats stated on his home page; Zawinul Music is “all” there is to say…;

“Joe Zawinul was born in Earth time on 07 July 1932 and was born in Eternity time
on 11 September, 2007. He, and his music, will continue to inspire!”

I extend my deepest condolences to his family.

Dream Theater where rocking Oslo 2 years ago. Krikri & I bought tickets the minute they were out for sale, we’ll be screaming our hearts out


Its not too late for you either, get your tickets here!

The eternal cycle of updates

| September 6th, 2007

*disclaimer* some of my friends, I wont mention names, have had a laugh at my so called technical gibberish. This post will be no exception *disclaimer*

Running several distributions can cause more than your average the-day-after hangover when you are due for a upgrade. Granted some are more a breeze than others, but they all got their quirks in some shape or form.

To my suprise this round the distro I was most worried about turned out to be the least of my worries.

To sum up the mix of distros running both dedicated and virtual atm I got; FreeBSD, Slackware, *ubuntu, CentOS & Gentoo. The ones I dreaded this round were CentOS(4.2->5) & Gentoo, the latter more so due to running old gcc, mysql and well, quiet a few other daemons & applications that are vital.

Although I love Gentoo it has lost terrain not to due to its capabilities & customizations, but rather well, what could be considered its biggest pros & cons. Since its a source based distro you got total control of what should be compiled, with which use flags & not to forget nailing the version of the given application at your discretion. But, and yeah, there is a but, the compile times even with Icecream chipping in can be a tool if you run several different archs. But looking aside from the day or so the boxes still running Gentoo had to use to get up to date it was really no problems. This is the first time in many years Gentoo has given me a “mainstream distro” feeling during such a big upgrade.

So all the coffee I had brewed, backups I had done, days of getting mentally ready for digging into odd errors were to no use? FreeBSD, Slackware & the various *ubuntu servers were all done, surely CentOS wouldnt be that bad?
Muhahaha, no, it wasnt, but it sure as hell beat all the previously mentioned distros by a milestone.
The fact that I run CentOS with OpenVZ did cause a few more hickups than a “vanilla” install would have, so I did get to consume most of the coffee I had prepared before I was done.

Ones you have the base systems updated/upgraded, and most of the vital daemons are up to date, then comes the fun stuff; All the other appliances/services running in the various boxes & VE’s..

This blog for instance, a WordPress (aka WP) upgrade is no hassle, nor are most of the customizations Ive done to it. Only thing I wanted added feature wise was lightbox, had a decent hack with WPG2(v2) working earlier, but saw v3 had that on its feature list so decided to try it out. WPG2 is a integration plugin for WP to Gallery2, it has many features & uses, check out their wiki for more info.

To try & get back to topic of the post, the update cycle. With any update you got dependencies, and even more so when you add beta/rc appliancies to the pot. As I said, I wanted the lightbox feature in the blog, so brought home a SVN snapshot of WPG2v3, enabled and heh, lo’ and behold, more updates?

Sure, why not, WPG2v3 needed a newer WP, fair enough. Few minutes later, enabled WPG2v3 in latest WP(v2.2.2)… More updates? Yep, Gallery2 had to be updated, another 5 or so minutes Gallery2 v2.2.3 was in & WPG2v3 now works with lightbox.

So to sum it all up, *ubuntu, FreeBSD, Slackware & Gentoo, I still love you looong time, CentOS? Not so much, think its time to migrate OpenVZ to Gentoo or *ubuntu.

The rest of the daemons & appliances running have come a long way, most of them are a breeze to maintain & update. Be it bind, clamav, courier, dhcpd, exim, lighttpd, apache2, mysql, samba, snmpd, spamassassin and all its integrations & addons, it just works.

Summer is over, systems are all set for the winter… as always, if any of the services running under this or any of the other domains should have a hick-up, I’d appreciate a bug report.