Im a geek, and my fields of interrest range wide & deep. Ive had fasinations for many things over the years, some have stuck, others have faded. Faded for many reasons, some of them for financial reasons, lets face it, unless you have a deep pocket you cannot get all your heart desires. Such is life, no complaints tho, the feeling of finally getting something you have saved up for is just too grand for me to ever want to swap it for the “of I’ll just buy it, even tho I dont need it..”

Ever since I saw my first BUD, Ive been fasinated with what could be possible to bring home from the sky above. The first BUD I saw can barely be defined as a BUD, its was “merely” a 2meter dish, but since I was a youngster that was huuuuuge!

Ive dreamt of owning a BUD ever since then, but due to both finanical reasons and, well, living in city areas this has been impossible. The prices on a dish over 2meters is just mindblowing, its an easy 2 month salary..

I like to check out the used market, on all kinds of things really, be it music, instruments, movies, furniture, cars, computer hw.. anything goes, not that I buy that much, I just like to window shop.

Last week I was browsing around a .no market place;, and lo and behold, someone was selling a BUD, for the price of a regular 70cm dish! I sent him an email asking for details and if the price were right or if there was a zero missing there at the end. Price was right, so today I confirmed the purchase.

This will be my winter project(well, one of them anyway), it wont be setup before the winter is gone, but atleast the “biggest” investment is done. It will get a round of sanding & paint to “fit” into its surroundings.
Mark’s suggestion wont happen this time around, even tho I’d love to do it. 😉

The dream of a BUD is about to be realized, so is the urge to lock on to Astra2D on 28.2E, finally some quality tv!

I will document the process of transport, digging, setup etcetc in detail, for now, feast your eyes at my first BUD;


I dont have the brand/name for it, but its a 4.8meter steel dish, complete with ground mounting & feedhorn. Whats missing of HW is a C120 LNB and cabling, I need some high quality coax for this setup since it will be placed about 120meter from the house. Gotta try and “hide” it away as best I can. (yep, some people dont see the beauty of such a dish.. go figure)

Invacom or Inverto ?

Ive had great experience with ‘regular’ Invacom Universal LNB’s, but I will see what prices the .no outlets can give me.

I welcome any feedback & experiences you might have with a BUD, would like to avoid the most obvious mistakes.

Till next chapter…

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