Ive spent some time doing research on the various aspects of this project. Read alot, asked around, pondered, and pondered some more.. What I do know without a shadow of a doubt, is that there are many unknowns, and quiet a few of those will remain such until they are tried out it seems.

Granted, it would have been a helluva lot easier if I had those deep pockets I briefly mentioned being absent in Part#1. So, Im left with trying to find those clever solutions to the issues at hand instead.
As a geek, that IS alot more fun, even tho it will take me longer to complete..

Let me try to draw you a picture and explain.. (up is north if there was any doubt)

(Like my drawing? Im good aint I? Riiight…)

Ok, what you see above is the farm I live at, the blue dots(#1-3) are where there is currently a sat-dish in place. #1 & #2 are 65cm dishes with the so called ‘Europe’ LNB setup; 1W, 5E, 13E & 19.2E. #3 is a old motorized analogue dish that will be replaced with either a ‘Nordic'(1W & 5E) or a ‘Europe’ dish as in #1& #2.

#4 is where we are currently planning to setup BigBen, ok, the name is not set in stone, Im open for suggestions.. The wall on that silo is around 5meters wide, we’ll either do so some serious steel hookup & bang it to the wall(2meter+ over ground), or place it on the ground with a concrete ‘flooring’. In this position it will be somewhat hidden from the recreational areas we use.

The alternative is to place it next to the garage south-west of mark #4. Not the best alternative for the following reasons;
– More digging, need to get the cable safetly underground between the silo(#4) & garage.
– Longer cable stretch(15-20meter)
– Visible from garden south of #3

Ive not done a precise measure of length, but its about 150meter from position #1 to the wall facing west on the silo(straight line). Adding about 20 meters going through cellar(#2) & loft in the barn is atleast a given, might even be more..
The red solid line between #1 & #2 is where we dug down a tube this summer for Cat5e, it has plenty of room for several cables.

If Im gonna do a straight shooter with the cables that means we’ll have 1 stretch going from #4 to #1(~170m), 2x from #4 to #2(~70m), and the last one from #4 to #3(~70m).

Fair enough? Well, somewhat..

In comes one of the big “unknowns”; How much signal & power loss will the longest cable suffer? After consulting people with the know-how, the results are not conclusive.
The signal loss could be within an acceptable %, if not I can put an amplifier at the middle(#2), but this will not help with the potential power drain. That is, the power the tuner/receiver sends to the LNB to switch between vertical & horizontal.
‘Bobben1’ at a .no board suggested I could overcome this with attaching a “power-supply” to one of the outputs on the LNB, granted a variable supply.

My question is this, could I instead use a multiswitch(at #2) using 2 of the outputs, and gain 4 outputs? With a Spaun SMS 341 F for instance?
This would overcome the need to switch between v/h..
With this solution(?) I wont loose 1 output, but instead gain 2.

This is important, not only for the loss of a output, but also since I have one MythTV box in service, and plan to setup a slave backend on location #2. The important bit is this; the tuners I currently use are SkyStar2 which only support DiSEqC 1.0, and that will fail miserably on a Multiswitch..
EDIT: Reading up on this, and I was wrong, there are several Multiswitches that can accomodate this need. For instance a EMP-Centauri E.143-AP, and hook one output to a 4/1 DiSEqC (with 1W & 5E fi), or directly to one of the SkyStar tuners.

The other tuners (DM500, DM7020 and soon DM600 on #3?) got no issues with DiSEqC 1.1/1.2.

Moving further, the existing ‘Europe’ dishes(#1 & #2) got 4/1 DiSEqC’s, either;

– Drop 13 or 19.2E input and screw on 28.2E

– Get a 8/1 DiSEqC to replace the 4/1 and keep all sat positions

On position #4 depending on what LNB setup we choose, either go for one of the above solutions, or if a ‘Nordic’ LNB setup is chosen, just use a 4/1 DiSEqC.. Pheew, easy!

The MythTV backend slave will be a dedicated 28.2E box with 1 DVB-S tuner to start off, replaced with a DVB-S2 tuner like the Net-UP when it becomes available. The Gbit link between houses #1 & #2 got more than enough bandwith to spare, so the slave(#2) will utilize the Raid array on the backend master thats living in house #1.

So to recap, I know more about potential show-stoppers on the technical side of the project. I still need to get more hands on experiences from people in the know.

Thanx to all the people thats taken time to respond to my questions & the suggestions you’ve given. Much appreciated! I do hope you keep it up.

Till next chapter..

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