The entire valley had an outtage at 21:20, this lasted for an hour. One of those nice winter storms up here.. Ohh how I love them.

I’ll file it under this valleys contribution to Earth Hour, a forced one at that, atleast it was a good one..
EDIT: Well, not belated, I gotta check my calendar more often..

The UPS’s let the servers have a graceful shut down, last one down at ~21:30.

mustaffa Power Failure !!!
DATE : Thu Mar 26 21:20:34 CET 2009
mustaffa Communications with UPS restored
DATE : Thu Mar 26 22:20:49 CET 2009

All systems was back online at about 22:30. This include 3 HW nodes, and about 35 VPS’s running on two of those. The ripple effects for this outtage are now being displayed in random drops on the route to our ISP further north. First the dslam, then radio link #1.. etc.. Yeah, this contribution was a good one. hehe

Things should settle down in its usual phase shortly.

That is all.

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