NetUP Dual DVB-S2 *Update*

| February 13th, 2009

I sent Abylai at NetUP a mail last week, looking for updated info on both the card & the development of drivers. Well, good news everyone, I’ll let Abylai take over….;


Everything is fine now. We have working driver – fully functional. You
can see it on
We have obtained permissions to publish it under GPL from all IC
vendors. Now we preparing driver to commit into kernel.

But first batch of card is delayed because there is more time we need to wait vendors of IC to provide it … waiting. Hope we will assemble
first batch at the March’09. I will send one card to you immidiately 🙂

I will as promised return with a full review of the card when it arrives.

The Illusion

| January 31st, 2009

This is not how I planned my life, not what I wished for, not what I would wish on my worst enemy. I thought at one point, that this was a choice, that I was indeed master of my domain. I could control this everlasting shadow dulling down my senses, erasing a stroke at a time the little I have left of memories. I cant say for sure that I know what day this is, they float into each other more than I care to like, more than I care to endure.

Ive put on a mask, you might think its because I want to make my life easier, there is some truth to that, but thats not what lead me to do it. The pain I see in the eyes of those that care for me, those that love me, thats an unbearable pain that far superseeds the pain my body musters to pump the vains with. Its much easier to tell people a fraction of the truth than to let it all out, I think I can cope with that, that the lies make their day a little less tiresome.

Atleast thats what I hope. It might all be in my head tho, Im not quiet there yet, where Im sure this all is just one big illusion..

Im still amazed how this can happen, not the ‘being infected by a virus’ part, but that an entire county(including its server farm) runs Windows. Im sure they have ‘some’ *nix based systems in their grid, but from the looks of it thats narrowed down to embedded equipment, routers/switches etc.

You can read on their homepage that all nodes are infected by the trojan Conficker.B worm. In Norwegian only, but boiling it down, 6500 nodes are affected.

Sensitive information about their inhabitans are also stored in the systems affected..
They have published steps in how to deal with this, but no mentioning of looking for alternatives OS wise. Way to go!

The most hilarious bit? Look at the bottom, the county’s information ‘chief’ published his yahoo email account as a temp means of communication..

The really really sad part? Most county’s in Norway are Microsoft whores, thats right, be afraid.. be very afraid.

First off, thanks for the emails you have sent me the last months, I love to hear about whats going on in your part of the world. That being said, the contact form is not a support line.. I fully understand how frustrating many of the ins & outs might be, hey, my blog is called rantville for a reason. If you come with relevant info to a thread, I’ll help out as best I can. Sharing the knowledge goes both way, and that would be lost in an email.. mkay?

With any MythTV setup utilizing more than a couple of tuners you are faced with a few things to consider. New motherboards rarely come with more than 2-3 PCI slots, and 1-2 PCI-E slots. Now, lets make matters worse, say you need to extend your raid array and are all out of PATA/SATA ports.. And.. we all know how rubbish onboard NIC’s can be. Unless you suck at math, or are so unfortunate that you have cut off half your fingers, you are all out of PCI slots by a good margin.

So, what do you do? Up till now, Ive been using somewhat older hardware, where PCI slots still are in majority. And, if I ran out, I setup a slave BE.. Fair enough, good heating, and the electricity company loves me(I better get a golden xmas card from them this year!).

Thats about to change now tho, Im going to try and become more ‘green’ with my computing this year. It wont be a major cut, but anything helps, no?

First step is to cut down on the number of servers thats running 24/7, thats currently 5;
2x OpenVZ servers(1x Quad ,1x Dual)
1x Fileserver(amd64 with a variation of PATA drives & a 4xSATA array)
2x Myth servers(one amd64x2 with 3xSATA array, other amd64 slave BE with nfs mounted array from Master)

The 2 OpenVZ servers got NFS mounted VZ storage from the fileserver, and run a vast variation of services. They are by no means utilized to its fullest extent, so this is where Im gonna make the first change.
The main servers(OpenVZ) are located in a different house on the farm than where my MythTV BE’s are. They will be split up in the coming revamp, Ive changed switches on all main exchange points to HP Procurve Gbit, this makes it all alot leaner.

I got ahold of a new(older) LGA775 mobo; Asus P5GC, which will be placed in the OpenVZ server with the Intel D940 CPU(Dual 3.2Ghz). All the tuners from the 2 Myth BE will be moved to this box, since it has 6 pci slots, I’ll also move over 2 of the SATA arrays(Chieftec backplane) to this maxi tower.

This will make both the old Myth BE redundant, and the old file-server will only hold the PATA drives thats done their duty well. I’ll shut it down when the majority of the drives have died, only right that they are given a proper retirement plan. They dont hold any data of value, all such is properly raided on new SATA drives.

The new MythTV BE currently got 3x DVB-S tuners(2xSkystar2 & Cinergy 1200-S) and one PVR-350, the latter is used with Zoneminder and the odd analogue captures I do of old VHS/other sources.

The hdd was allready setup with Hardy, and I see no reason to go with Intrepid here, Hardy got 2.6.24 OpenVZ kernel, thats not tagged as “stable” yet by the moderate OpenVZ devs. I had a few kinks with migrating VE’s from my Gentoo OpenVZ server(2.6.18), the ‘in-famous’ udev issues re-emerged. Ironic that it works flawlessly on Gentoo(Ubuntu VE), but not Ubuntu on Ubuntu? Easy fix, but I had to shake my head at that one..

8 hours in, and I got the best of all worlds, -2 servers sucking the wall socket, better utilization of the 24/7 servers. And still 2 PCI slots to spare in the new MythTV BE(ok, 1 really, Im still waiting for the pci sata card I ordered before xmas).

In case I dont post anything the coming week, I will be gone(from the 8th) till first week of february. So no respons from me before Im back, enjoy my absence. 😉

C=64 Demoscene alive & kicking

| December 15th, 2008

We still love the C64, right? RIGHT?! Well, I love mine, even tho its not running as often as I wish, its been a big part of my life, and who I turned out to be. I blame the tweaker in me on the C64..

I got this link from my old C64 bud Frank today, and oh my god did it blow me away. Without further blabber, have a look for yourself..
Booze Design kicking the limits!

Edge of Disgrace Part#1

Edge of Disgrace Part#2

Or download it and enjoy if on your C64.

More info here, here & here ..

Mad props to Booze Design for keeping my one true love alive.. *sniff*