This one, I have to slap myself in the face for doing too.. not that long ago, but still.. Its the same flipping side & becoming a uber’nazi’ about it, you become so into what you do that anything non FOSS you wouldnt touch. Simple as that, anyone doing otherwise you laughed at either in their face or behind their back.. A real fawker with a attitude.. But then again, thats free speech right? Yessir, notn wrong about that, I encourage it.. still, Im just not THAT into the ‘debates’ any longer. I let the ‘newborn’ stand on the barricades, I sympathise with their cause, ohhh how I do..

There are MANY worthy browsers out there thats FOSS…
KHTML/Gecko & WebKit has brought many a joyful web browsing for me, both on pc & cellphone. If you like em light I would highly recommend Kazehakase or Arora .. if you want em a little fatter/more versatile, give Konqueror a go. Not a linux user? Safari.. Google Chrome..
More? Well, then you are entering the web2.0 experience that Im no big fan of.. Flock? Songbird? FF with a load of rubbish add-ons?
Yeah, you heard me, FF in itself, atleast since 3.x has become so sadly bloated I only use it on the obscure pages. They have thankfully become rare the last years..

I very often feel a little ‘tick’ when people promote FOSS just for the sake off FOSS.. So thats what Im getting at here finally.. The “Stop using IE6” campaign thats been getting a lil euro stir, should be a given. Its an outdated, sorry excuse for a browser.. Alot of man hours are wasted due to it, we are in a financial crises.. if this doesnt sink in with whoever is in charge of the computers you use, tell them to get a fawking grip & deal with it. If you havent heard of the campaign, forteller has an updated wiki page about its spread.

It really shouldnt be a issue, but it still is. It has helped according to my analytics tho, IE overall is down, but for the sake of dropping some numbers;






Anyway.. my point? Use the best browser for you needs, and keep it updated.. go on, it will not hurt you, its good karma.. m’kay?

Me? I use Opera, on my pc’s & Opera Mini on my cell (N82), quick, has all features I need. Including syncing bookmarks, mouse gestures, mail(i use claws), bt(dont use it), im(pidgin).. The features I dont use, will cater to most peoples needs Im sure.. But with all these features, it still is the best browser out there, for me.

Its not that I DONT care about using FOSS, anyone who know me can vouch for that, but I have come to realize over the years, that FOSS products aint always the best overall product. And if its free, what more can you ask for?