| October 10th, 2008

So, Im a uncle again! Yeah, my lil bro & better half rushed to the hospital tonight & the result? Don Corleone Jr, no seriously, I have no idea what names they have discussed, Im sure its gonna be something in the lines of Geir/Georg/George.. I can live with either, hey, Kjetil would do too, but seriously, any of the above will be fine, Mkay?

Kid’O, Mam’O & Dad’O are all well. Cant wait to visit the toddler tommorow!

Rolf Jr

52.5cm tall, 34.5cm around the head & weighting in at 3160gram, woohaa!

More pictures & all will follow, now its time to head to bed..

Bowie, 4 month kitten hunting

| September 11th, 2007

Yeah, it’s huge enough for my taste! The proud hunter was not easy to distract.

So we all(?) have spilled something on our keyboard at some point, be it water, beer, coffee or god forbid some kinda non-diet soda. Anyway, I had the great “pleasure” of dismantling my laptop for the second(!!) time within 48hours this afternoon. The first time was no accident, rather a summer cleaning to get a bit more respons from a heavily hammered keyboard, in aftermath I see that was a huuuge mistake.

FFWD 48hours…..;

Was just about to do some maintance work as I took a big sip of the coffee mug, just as the mug left my lips I felt a caugh coming, and the ms between the initiation and the java fountain I managed to turn my head a few clicks east.
Sadly, not enough to avoid my laptop, tv, nor the wall thats ~2 meters away from the chair.
Shut down the laptop & flipped it over letting it drip off while I cleaned up the chair, floor, tv and wall surrounding the mishap.

The only good thing about my clean-up 48h ago was that I could quickly dismantle my laptop and get the clean-up started. The end result is 3 keys not responding, hopefully they will start to respond again in the morning, I’d hate to take the laptop apart a third time. The keys in question are B-N-M, the mass amount of WD-40, Fluxlene, compressed air & Q-tips did get 12 of 15 keys to respond again, so there is still hope for the remaining 3.

Anyway… the pictures of the entire curse & clean follows;


Ok so 3 keys just didnt wanna function in the end, contacted the supplier of the laptop and asked if they had a spare keyboard, which they had! So for the neat price of 100NOK + mva I can retire the external usb keyboard.

PS Data has yet again showed themselves as a quick & service minded company. 10/10 (again!)

Im an emotional man when it comes to music, I easily shed a tear when something moves me. Then there are those moments when you least expect to be moved, this clip made me cry like a baby. A little rough in the edges, but what can you expect from a cell-phone sales man. I throw all the good karma I have in store towards him, may his musical career be long and beautiful!

And he made it to the semi finals!!

And he won!!!

A little more info about the man

Thanx to Johnnie Fingers for the initial link, you my man made my day!


… what can I tell ya, cats loving prog metal, gotta love it!