Yep, to be spesific, feel free to join in on the fun.

Had alot of grief over the last 6 or so hours, and what do ya know, it was all due to running a 64bit VE. I had flipped upside down & inside out so many obscurities during the night..
Mind you, it wasnt “directly” related to Laconica, the basic functionality were working as expected within 30min, it was the integration to xmpp(Jabber). More spesifically, my own ejabberd running in one of the VE’s on this server( for those interrested in such). No matter my attempts it was stuck at connecting.. Just imagine my relief and to quote a friendly cartoon fella ‘DOH!’ as I fired up xmppdaemon in its newly setup 32bit enviroment only to see debug info being spit out in the terminal. Ahhh funfun despite the hours wasted.

If you dont know what twitter is, or the so-called Microblogging phenomena, I suggest you read up! Laconica( is as mentioned in the title, a new(‘ish) contender, and an open-source one at that, its quickly been embraced by many people world-wide.

Their main site is run at

I first heard about it a couple of weeks ago, but it really started to spark my geek-plugs when I heard a interview with creator Evan Prodromou (Evan in this weeks FLOSS podcast over at TWIT / FLOSS
The main man over at TWIT, Leo Laporte were so impressed that he started to set up his own instance of Laconica during the podcast. Its hosted under the ohh so fitting vhost Both Leo and his “co-“host in FLOSS, Randal L. Schwartz can be found happily ranting there..

Evan Prodromou is by no means a new name to the world of open-source and world travellers, not only does he spend a fair share of dev time on the Debian distro, he is also co-founder(with his wife) of the fantastic resource Wikitravel.

Anywhooo, enough lenghty rants from me for a while, I’ll keep it short from now on, so to keep up to date with whatever I should stick my nose into, do the click’e’ti’click into Laconica does of course give you all the RSS feeds you could possibly urge. Expect integration here…

I was reading a very well written article this morning as I enjoyed my freshly brewed java, its been on slashdot, digg & the link has travelled over many networks since it was published two days ago. It deserve every possible spread tho, so here’s to you Dave Gutteridge, you sir, made my day.

Link to article; Windows is Free

Xbox360+Wii bundle

| April 1st, 2007

MS representatives talked about it, many did the math on it, and now its soon to be out in a web shop near you. offers a bundle thats not currently in stock, but holds a X360 (w/ call of duty) & Wii with the freebie wii sports.
Its sold at the same price as the PS3(not in stock at the time of this posting)
Not a good deal on this bundle tho, you get it cheaper buying them seperately at Elkjøp fi.

There is 1 reason for me to eventually consider a PS3, the Gran Turismo serie. For now tho, all my gaming needs are filled with my current consoles. The Xbox is by far the most used, not due to gaming, but for the XBMC open-source project. Untill we have a good & reliable solution for homebrew on either of the nextgen consoles, I have no rush to get one.

If I should get a new console now tho, it would be a Wii, closely followed by a X360, the PS3 wont be taken into consideration till Polyphony Digital decide to release Gran Turismo HD, knowing their previous delays on that matter.. well, I guess 2008 will be a good year for us GT fans.

So whats your excuse for getting a PS3? Apart from the rare exclusive titles, why not get a X360+Wii bundle?

Drop the clothes, start jumping!

| November 29th, 2006

Came across THIS one today, report scores in comments…

Der vettu…!

| November 21st, 2006

Wii er klare for takeoff!

Anders Eklo sendte inn dette bildet idag, Wii er klare for lansering!