C=64 Demoscene alive & kicking

| December 15th, 2008

We still love the C64, right? RIGHT?! Well, I love mine, even tho its not running as often as I wish, its been a big part of my life, and who I turned out to be. I blame the tweaker in me on the C64..

I got this link from my old C64 bud Frank today, and oh my god did it blow me away. Without further blabber, have a look for yourself..
Booze Design kicking the limits!

Edge of Disgrace Part#1

Edge of Disgrace Part#2

Or download it and enjoy if on your C64.

More info here, here & here ..

Mad props to Booze Design for keeping my one true love alive.. *sniff*

Soave (Eat Parade)

| October 12th, 2008

Chiara got a visit from Rai2 this summer, the program; “Eat Parade” did a segment about Soave.

It was aired today, so now, you too can have a look at this wonderful place in the Veneto region.

Alot of the footage where done on Coffele’s Winery in; Castelcerino.
The scenery there is nothing but breathtaking, visit their Bed & Breakfast the next time you take a trip to the region, trust me, you wont regret it!

A couple of tiny glitches in the video stream, sorry about that..

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Only 13 or so hours till the first night round in F1 begins, till then, enjoy the round that earned Massa Pole Position.

Even tho I love Lighty, it has a few known short-comings, mem leak when under heavy load in a reverse proxy setup is one of them. Old reported bug that dont seem to be fixed any time soon.. Might very well be due to the fact that they are now in the process of doing a total rewrite for the 2.0 release, or that not many use it in such a setup?

In any case, till this is resolved Ive had to look into alternatives for the task. I heard alot of good from my friends in Russia about Nginx, but at the time the documentation where pretty much solely in Russian.
This has improved(Nginx Unofficial Wiki) alot over the last year, so last night it was again time to dust off the VE I had setup months ago and give it another go.

After a few curse & spit rounds with rewrite rules & deciding to redo the conf layouts, I had a working setup, only SSL was acting up. This morning I saw what I had done, or what I didnt do I should say. Since I redid the entire conf setup I had missed out the include of the proxy.conf in the SSL server settings. *sigh*

I will be adding Varnish to the pie later, more on that when time permits.
Check the wiki for info on the above, will add to it later tonight.

The setup & configuration of Nginx were really nice, it hogs so little mem & cpu time its almost like its not even running… Really! I still have Lighty & Apache on the backends tho, but many of them might very well be replaced with Nginx..

ура товарищей !

MythTV @revision3

| September 1st, 2008

Systm, the DYI show on Revision3 covered MythTV last week. For those looking to refurbish some older hardware into a superb PVR/Multimedia PC, have look, you might very well get some inspiration..