Mythbuntu 8.10

| November 4th, 2008

Another box, another update. This time around my MythTV backend(BE) was due for a upgrade. Been chunking along happily under Hardy for a good while, if it works, dont break it? No sir, not in my house!

Of course, with any change on an important service, backup of db & confs is a given…

When that was done, the upgrade itself went smoothly, the only hickup I had were with v4l-dvb. I pulled the latest & greatest to see what was going on with the new API(5) and its inclusion of S2API. It did compile, but did not play nice with open-sasc-ng, and after a little reading I saw patches where needed for both open-sasc & mythtv to make use of the new API.

If my Myth BE had been running on.. ohh say Gentoo, I’d give it a stab, but not on a pre-compiled distro. That would mean (re)compiling any coming updates to MythTV untill said patches had made it upstream..

So I took the easy way out, reverted v4l-dvb to revision 8984(pre API5), which works fine with latest open-sasc-ng & current Mythbuntu repo(incl 2.6.27 kernel). Due to the big stir up on multiproto vs s2api, Im putting a hold on a dvb-s2 purchase. Even tho s2api has been selected and merged into v4l-dvb, I’ll wait till the dust settles before I make a decision on what hw to get..

Since I run a headless BE, I cant speak much on any of the GUI changes, I did run mythbuntu-control-center via ssh tho, most notable changes there were prep’ing of images for diskless frontends. Good stuff for those that dont like to mock about in a terminal.

What I did notice, where an increase in overall performance/speed. Both mythweb, and all communication with frontends(FE). Channel lock & changes are cut with a few secs, this might also be due to open-sasc-ng, since I ran legacy code before upgrade, but had the same impression upon playback & editing of recordings. It all feels more snappy.

The speed bump made me want to clean up the channel list(long overdue), any change there via Mythweb in the past made the browser unresponsive for 4-5 minutes upon hitting ‘save’. Satellite hookups will do that I guess, 2500+ channels are a hefty load to process.
Cut it down to about 1/5th, which in turn made my BE grunt like a quad-core on speed.
This is still a part of MythTV Im not overly positive about, manageing a big channel list, with its xmltvid, commercial free or not etc settings. Be it mythtv-setup or mythweb, the last word that comes to mind is practical..

But, thats a MythTV issue, not Mythbuntu in particular, bottom line, Intrepid does a good job on my BE, my diskless FE’s, and heck, it even runs very well on my Aspire1 now that the Intel drivers for the GPU had a fix pre Intrepid launch.

I have not dug into the amazingly long change log since 2.6.24, but to underline what I said earlier in the post(performance), have a look at the CPU usage & load on the box after the 2.6.27 upgrade..


There are no changes in the number of services on the box, nor has the recording schedules changed.

There was a constant load close to 2.00 under 2.6.24, this I filed under kernels inner demons cause I could not find a reason for it. Non of the apps or services justified this load, looks like they got to this demon. This is a Athlon 64 x2 4600+, with 2GB ram, SATA drives only..